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We are a restaurant and gallery complex in Tokyo.

The restaurant serves seasonal dishes based on French cuisine combined with Japanese ingredients, as well as natural wines, sake, and non-alcoholic cocktails to go with the dishes.

In the gallery attached to the restaurant, we deal in tableware and art pieces created by artists not only from Japan but also from Europe and the world.

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What we value is that using works of art with an artist's touch makes everyday dining and living more enjoyable.

We hope that people who use our products will like them and that their meals and daily lives will become better.

Some of the pieces are traditional, some are contemporary, and some are simply good.

We hope that you will like the works we love.

We exhibit and sell our artist works in Japan,

but we receive inquiries about our works from various people around the world.

Until now, we have only introduced our work in Japan, but our desire to have people from all over the world see and hold our work has led us to AELU International.

This is an online store that introduces many Japanese artists.

Please take your time and browse as much as time permits.

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